About US.

We are a private CLUB, an EXPAT CLUB. Connecteted to a international net. Our board room is now in Miami area (GROOVE, GABLES,SOUTH MIAMI, KENDALL and MIAMI BEACH)  Or target it’s get together to be and keep stronger about integration and local knowledge. Promove relation with diferents cultures and change experience.

We” try to promove happiness, helpfull, peace, respect and harmoniosly integration at cultures atraves party, dinners, meetings to promove us, expatriates. Get many and possible information for help us to get a good and prosperity experience at our where we are. try to help others one who’ll started this experiencie.

Our objetive it’s too know more about our necessitys and problemas for help companies take care better about people like you and me. You are a very important people for us. We can imagine, how hard work you did do for came at here, at this moment in our life. We want tell you about our experience too.

We respect you and our philosophy and we belive you are an ethical people, like us. I hope you can enjoyus  and keep together.

If’ll want just talk. We are here, just to listen you. You’ve choices do aswer, english, french, portuguese and spanish! Let’s keep contact.

If you want to be member at our club. Please send us any email. With your apresentantion, and welcome.



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